A coffee table that can transition into a modern dining table

When space it tight, having furniture that is multifunctional and adaptable in your space can be a life saver. The Rubi coffee table can transition into a modern dining table in one easy manoeuvre. With adjustable legs, you can position it at any height depending on what you’re using it for. This is the perfect little piece for a small urban apartment.

In the video below, watch how Stephanie, BoConcept Interior Designer styles the Rubi both in coffee table and dining table mode, as we show you how easy it transitions from one to the other. The Rubi is available in a range of colours and finishes, including espresso oak veneer, walnut veneer, oak and lacquered white. Nice and compact in size as a coffee table, it simply and easily opens up to double the table-top surface as it transforms into a modern dining table.

Stephanie’s style tips: coffee table mode



  1. Layer it up – add a tray (or two) as a base. It creates a focal point, adds depth and it’s also practical when having to move accessories to open out the table
  2. Low lying accessories – the height of the table is completely adjustable depending what you’re using it for. If you had to raise the table up to work on a laptop while in front of the TV, the height of the accessories, are still low enough not to obstruct your view.
  3. Be practical – Don’t over-style your coffee table. Leave room for the piece to be used functionally as well as aesthetically.


Stephanie’s style tips: dining table mode





  1. Use a runner – The Rubi has a series of hinges down the middle of the table, which enables it to extend and double in size. To give your dining table a sleeker look, cover the hinges up with a table runner. I have layered two runners on top of one another to add texture and a sense of luxury.
  2. Preserve your table – place mats are a great way to protect a heavy use area of the table. Not only are they practical, but they also add another texture and dimension to your table setting.
  3. Bold tableware – use bold tableware with natural textured accessories. Avoid white accessories on a white table. Here I’ve used a natural rattan place mat layered with a grey/white stone bowl. The centre piece, salad servers and candle holders all fit within this theme.


Browse the whole range of BoConcept Scandinavian coffee tables in Sydney by popping into one of their designer furniture stores in Moore Park or Crows Nest to discover what works best for your space.


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