Dining Chairs – Oltre II Glossy Dark Grey Dining Chair

otre-ii-black-glossy-dining-chair-beyond-furnitureMaterial: Glossy dark grey polyurethane with anodised aluminium legs


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Coastal, contemporary or traditional?

What’s your home style? Coastal, contemporary or perhaps a little more traditional? No matter what it is, Beyond Furniture’s dining chairs Sydney will accommodate any style of home. The overall look is clean and minimal, so it works perfectly in a variety of homes. Take a look below at examples of how our customers created their dream dining room setting with the Oltre dining chair. The Oltre features a gently curved back with a unique hollow triangle shape, which flows seamlessly into the design of the aluminium legs. The organic shape arcs backwards for egonomic comfort, meaning you can sit for long periods of time without becoming restless and sore.

Coastal: Here we have two examples of how the Oltre works in more coastal type settings. These spaces traditionally are light and bright, with predominantly white walls and a little colour to enhance the relaxed feel (in this case it’s a lovely bright green). As you can see, both the white and walnut black Oltre can be styled to suit the coastal look.

Contemporary: Think glass, aluminium, a white and black colour scheme and a little colour. Keep to more streamlined and polished aesthetic and personalise your space with some bold accessories. Wooden floorboards and white walls will never go out of style, along with the simple design of the Oltre. These chairs are durable, minimal and will last you for years and years.

Traditional: A more traditional look is associated with larger, open-plan living and dining room spaces with an asymmetric layout. Tie the Oltre chairs in with some beautiful beige or white leather sofas, a long rectangular dining table for entertaining and marble tiles. This definitely has a more European aesthetic, which is well on its way on becoming the next style trend on the interior design scene.


  • The modern Oltre features a unique hollow triangle shaped seat, gently curved and flowing seamlessly into the aluminium legs. The seat back curves backward for ergonomic comfort, and a perfectly balanced aesthetic.
  • The overall look is contemporary due to the clean angles, and simple, clean materials, the Oltre is suited to contemporary style dining tables and sits comfortably in open plan dining rooms, informal breakfast rooms or minimalist formal dining rooms.
  • The Oltre is low maintenance, therefore perfect for young families, it can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Internal construction: solid wood construction with glossy polyurethane paint finish (6 coats- 3 base, 3 top), plastic floor protectors.

Other colours: Glossy beige, Glossy White

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