Furniture – Living Room Furniture – Punto Square Beige Modular Coffee Table


Material: Glossy beige polyurethane with anodised aluminium base, Matt polyurethane top surface, with beige colour backed glass top panels.

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Features of the ‘9A’ Punto Coffee Table:

  • The coffee table made up of 9 Punto units is a striking solution for large living rooms. The layered effect is modern and unique, and the design offers a huge amount of storage in the drawers.
  • Each unit is seamlessly finished with a glass top, and contains concealed grooves underneath the drawers.
  • The components are not permanently fixed together so you can rearrange the blocks as you desire, or when you move.

Features of the Punto Modular Units:

  • The Punto is a completely modular ‘building block’ style of storage. Each single square unit contains a drawer for storage; they are designed to stack on top of each other, or next to each other & additional glass panels or aluminium shelves allow you to make coffee tables, bars or chests of drawers, virtually anything!
  • The Square Punto unit is ideal proportions (600×600) to be grouped together to form various sized coffee tables, solving space issues for those with small, large or odd shaped rooms.
  • Given each block contains a drawer, when a few are grouped together the Punto offers huge amounts of storage.
  • You can combine them however you like, you could create a stepped drawer unit, or a single level coffee table, there are no permanent fixings, so if your needs change, simply stack them up a different way to create something new!
  • The design is free from handle hardware, and is finished all the way around meaning they can be used as coffee tablesor room dividers or as free standing units; every angle is a streamlined, clean look.
  • You can purchase additional accessories or blocks down the track to add to your unit, or to turn it into something else.
  • The Punto is an innovative solution to today’s tendency to move around more, or simply your desire to change your look more often! They are also ideal for retail environments or offices where you require the option of being able to re-arrange at various times.

Sizes & Options

To order a different configuration or a different colour or individual components or accessories, please call 1300 11 22 33.

Colours Available:

The Punto units are available in Glossy Beige, Glossy Dark Grey & Glossy White. The complementary glass colours include beige, grey & brilliant white.

Internal Construction:
Australian MDF with Italian polyurethane paint finish (glossy PU has 6 coats of PU- 3 UV base plus 3 top); drawer constructed from Russian Plywood made from 1.3mm Birch veneer; anodised aluminium feet, Italian colour backed tempered glass tops, anodised aluminium shelves, plus additional pads for stacking.

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