Maximize space in a small bedroom with these 5 tips


Space used to be plenty but over the centuries gradually more and more people are living in urban cities. Real estate value is going up all the time and space is becoming more limited. So here, we’ll show you how to maximize space in a small bedroom with these 5 tips. When it comes to new builds, it’s common for the bedroom to draw the short straw in the space department.

There are clever tricks, however to enhance the cosy factor of a small bedroom, while offering good storage and ample space that doesn’t cramp your style. Boconcept’s Danish designers specialize in creating quality bespoke design with a practical approach to saving space, which is typical of Scandinavian design principles.


  1. Maximize storage space under your bed


Watch how to style the Mezzo storage bed by BoConcept!

We typically associate storage of clothing and other bedroom items with a wardrobe. The Lugano storage bed offers the benefit of being designed to store all your things neatly and conveniently out of sight, while being easily accessible right under your mattress. Fully customisable, you can choose from storage bed bases in oak, walnut, timber, white, fabric or leather. Personalise the look with a fabric headboard, choice of legs and attachable bedside tables.


  1. Reflect light into your space


A simple way to enhance the feeling of light and space in a small bedroom is by hanging a mirror on the wall. The Tone Mirror comes in a beautiful copper tinted colour, the round shape creates a more holistic feel rather than square. Place it above your bed or opposite a window to allow natural light to be reflected across the room. It’s an optical illusion that’s also incredibly effective!


  1. Walls are for storage too


Using your walls to store items, is an easy way to create a focal point in the room, whether it becomes a vignette or a practical yet attractive storage solution for your books, ornaments, trinkets or photos. The Como book-case, is an ideal storage solution for your walls. It’s clean lines and simple quality design, offers a subtle storage solution, and you can change the look as often as you like by re-arranging what goes in there!


  1. Drawers


For clothing and other items we use everyday, a chest of drawers that’s higher rather than wider is a good option for a small bedroom space. The beautiful Lugano chest of drawers featured here in lacquered matt white and anthracite grey burnished steel is the perfect storage piece. A chest of drawers mounted on legs also allows light and space to flow underneath, integrating it further into the rest of the room.


  1. A light colour palette


Choosing your colour palette in a small bedroom is one of the most important factors in making your space cosy yet, avoiding a cluttered cramped feel, especially if you have low ceilings. Keep walls and floors light in colour. Choose a range of smooth and chunky soft textiles in lighter, paler tones adding a couple of bolder colour pieces that pop. Having a light coloured floor rug will keep your feet warm for those cold mornings, while maximizing and reflected any light in the room. The Triantan rug by BoConcept is the perfect choice to achieve this. It has clean lines, pale colour tones and warm textures, which tick all the boxes. Avoid darker toned rugs, as they will absorb light instead of reflecting it, hence making the space seem smaller.

There are a huge range of products offered by BoConcept designed to be flexible and offer you more space. Browse their full collection online – click here. Or you can go to either of their 2 stores in Sydney 7 days a week. They are located at Crows Nest and Moore Park – be inspired for your next small space challenge with BoConcept.

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